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Conference Theme

The main theme of the conference is Advances in Radiation Physics research. Radiation has wide applications in almost all walks of our life. It is necessary to understand the origin, properties and effects of these radiations on the medium which results in physical, chemical & biological effects. In addition, there are several situations in which, the human beings come in contact with the radiations mainly in research, medical, industries, nuclear power plants, agriculture and spacecraft applications. Safety use and control of radiations is very essential for the personnel involved in these fields. Hence, it is a standard practice for the radiation workers to optimise the radiation exposure as low as reasonably achievable. Accordingly, the present conference is specifically planned with the above focal theme. The scientific programme of the conference includes plenary and invited talks by eminent scientists from premier institutions such as BARC (Mumbai), AMD (Hyderabad & Bengaluru), IGCAR (Kalpakkam), CAT (INDORE), VECC (Kolkatta), SINP (Kolkatta), Universities, and contributory oral and poster presentations by delegates

Thematic Areas

  • Radiation detection & measurement
  • Radiation Physics & Interaction in matter
  • Radiation processes & transport
  • Biological effects of Radiation
  • Applications of Radiation & Radioisotopes in agriculture, medicine, food processing & industry
  • Environmental Radioactivity
  • Radiation protection & Dosimetry
  • Reactor Physics & Shielding
  • Nuclear Energy & materials
  • Radiation in space science studies
  • Materials processing with ion beams, electron, gamma & neutrons
  • Effects of Radiation on materials
  • Advances in defects and material characterisation
  • Radiation for society
  • Radiation awareness programme

Important Dates

Aug08 2017

Manuscript submission open

Oct 12  2017

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Oct20 2017

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Aug08 2017

Registration open

Oct05 2017

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Nov23-24 2017

Conference date