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Dr. Lalit Varshney

Head Radiation Technology Development Division, BARC


Dr. Lalit Varshney joined Isotope Division, Bhabha Atomic Research centre in 1982 after completing 25th batch training school of BARC. He obtained Masters in Science(Chemistry) degree from University of Delhi and Ph.D from Mumbai University. He is presently, Head Radiation Technology Development Division, BARC; Head School on Applications of Radioisotopes and Radiation Technology, GCNEP and Prof.(Chemistry) Homi Bhabha National Institue, Mumbai. Dr. Varshney is currently engaged in the development of advanced materials for industrial and environmental applications using radiation technology. He has more than 125 international publications, four patents and 4 technology transfers to his credit. He is also responsible for development of dry sewage sludge hygienisation, textile effluent treatment and Cesium extraction from Nuclear waste and Hydrogel Wound dressing technology. Dr Varshney is recipient of prestigious National Award for Technology Innovation in Polymeric Materials, 2015, Indian Nuclear Society award 2004 and BARC Technical Excellence award-2003 and recently DAE Group Achievement Award 2016.


Title: Radioisotopes and Radiation Technology Applications for societal benefits

Over the last century, Radioisotopes and Radiation technology have contributed immensely to almost every social and economic sector and in virtually, every corner of globe. The radioisotopes have numerous applications in medicine, environment, agriculture, Food, industry and basic research. The utilization of radioisotopes & radiation technology for sterilization of medical products, food preservation, and development of high yielding crop seeds, waste water treatment, advanced polymers, cancer treatment, disease diagnosis & therapy, gamma scanning for industrial radiography and tomography, tracer techniques and other similar areas have increased many folds. Health care, Industry, Environment and Agriculture are the major thrust areas where Radiation Technology and Radio Isotopes could be employed for betterment of standard of living of people. Availability of indigenous technology through DAE and its associates has increased their role in daily life. These technologies are governed by strict rules and regulation to avoid any unforeseen situations. AERB plays an important role to this affect.