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Dr. Rohila Nathuram

Ex- Scientist


Dr. ROHILA NATHURAM, Ex- Scientific Officer joined Directorate of Radiation Protection, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre in 1967and since than he had been working on research and development activity related to radiation detectors and radiation measurement systems. He has established low level beta counting system for monitoring trace kevel activity and designed gas flow proportional counters setup 4Πβγ coincidence counting system, HP Germanium and NaI(Tl) Gamma Ray Spectrometer for absolute measurement of radioactive strength of radioisotopes. As a group leader he has established primary and secondary laboratory for calibration of liquid and solid sources at BARC. He has prepared and standardised large number of reference sources for users in BARC, NPCIL, DAE and other academic and /medical institutions. As a radiation physicist, he has promoted radiation physics activities by measuring accurately interaction cross-sections, attenuation coefficients for photon, electron and positron for elemental solids, compounds and liquids over a wide energy range and also has established empirical relations for electron-positron range in elemental solid materials. He was instrumental in establishing radionuclide standards laboratory for the calibration of variety of isotopes. As a convener of Education and Training Committee of Health Safety and Environment Group, he took keen interest in conducting Post Graduate Diploma in Radiological Physics , Radiation Safety Courses, IAEA Regional Basic Training Course and Refresher Courses in Physics. As an active member of Professional Bodies, he has organized several conferences on radiation and medical physics. As a Principal Collaborator of Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences (BRNS), he has shown special interest in promoting Department of Atomic Energy Sponsored Research Programs in several universities. As a referee, he has reviewed and recommended scientific papers for publications in leading journals of National and International repute. He has on his credit more than 100 scientific papers in leading journals.



Nuclear and atomic radiations are now-a-days widely used in a broad range of applications that includes medicine, industry, agriculture and other allied fields. With the advent of atomic energy era, several artificially produced isotopes have been made available for a wide range of applications. In addition to radionuclide, radiation generating equipments and systems, high energy particles accelerators, nuclear fission reactors have further provided a wide spectrum of radiation types and energies. In medical fields, radiation sources are extensively used for accurate and dependable diagnosis of a number of ailments, for the treatment of malignant and some times benign diseases and also for in vitro assay of biochemical and pathological syndrome. In the field of industry, the major applications are in the non destructive testing for quality control of welding, castings etc. by industrial radiography. In addition, a wide range of applications involving radiation induced chemical changes are also utilized in industry. Ionising radiations are now a day accepted for irradiation’s of cereals, pulses, vegetables and cooked foods so as to preserve their shelf life by preventing degenerating spores and bacterial effects.

Such a wide spread utilization of ionizing radiation in various fields of human activity and human welfare requires awareness about the property of emanating radiation not only for personal working with radiation but also for the public deriving benefits from radiation. The presentation is aimed to create awareness among the students, research scholars and faculty about the safe and meaning full use of Radiation and Radioisotopes in several applications as mentioned earlier.